All this could seem silly and self-conscious if executed by ordinary performers. There is nothing ordinary, however, about the virtuosos at work here. Tireless and astonishingly lithe, Fredrika Brillembourg sings the impossible Sprechgesang solos with sensuality where needed and with abiding beauty, even when required to scream, gurgle or grunt.
— Martin Bernheimer, The Financial Times


Fredrika On the radio

KWRC Berlin — In a new series ‘Leitmotifs,’ Fredrika Brillembourg explores the world of classical music and opera.


“Acerba volutta”, Adriana Lecouvreur, Cilea

Wall Street Journal report about Gotham Chamber Opera production of the Raven by Toshio Hosokawa for the NY Phil Biennial Festival.

Fredrika Brillembourg and Alessandra Ferri in "The Raven", directed and choreographed by Luca Veggetti. Watch here.


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